Artifact Puzzles - Aaron Wolf Cathedral Of The Tides Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle

$ 91.00


This is a delightful 360-piece wooden jigsaw puzzle of "Cathedral of the Changing Tides" by Aaron Wolf. With an Escher-esque puzzle design by Jef Bambas, the art and puzzle come together for a divine experience, with many themed whimsies and a decorative edge.  Be warned you may find this a really hard puzzle!

Like all our puzzles, made with 1/4" thick wood and the pieces are laser-cut.

Packaged in our standard pine wood box.

Made in the USA.

11.25" by 15.25"

Manufacturer recommended age: 15 years and up

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Name: Northern Star
Review: For those who, like me until yesterday, didn't notice that there can be "more" than five reviews (click on that little inconspicuous "more" after the last review), this puzzle does contain a number of distinctly Christian whimsies. This may attract some people more to the puzzle and alert others that it isn't for their collection, either way, I agree with the very first reviewer that the photo of the whimsies shown does not indicate this in any way, and it is important for many folks to know, one way or the other. I both loved completing this beautifully designed puzzle AND was simultaneously glad to have borrowed it from a friend, rather than purchasing it myself, due to the surprise whimsies. I wasn't bothered by them in passing, but I am also more happy to borrow this lovely puzzle rather than own it myself. To each their own! I'm another puzzler who didn't find this "really hard," as we are warned of in the official description, but two of my most beloved puzzles are Old Friend by Rachell Sumpter and Bokuyo Forest, both of which seem to be on the extra challenging end of the "really hard" spectrum. Along with the gorgeous image, I loved the mix of both abstract sea-turtle pieces AND others with more traditional shape and fun mixed connectors. Very nice assembling variety within a single puzzle, great! My strategy was to start with the distinct building pieces and move out from there. Once I got the hang of the turtles, that section flowed quite smoothly, despite the potential of misplacing flippers, which I did on a few occasions. For me, that added to the challenge in a pleasing way.
Name: Isabelle
Review: Say you were badly bitten by a turtle sometime in your life, and you developed a debilitating turtle-phobia: stay away from this puzzle, seriously, otherwise it will trigger some major meltdown. Otherwise, anyone interested in a fun medium-challenging puzzle should go for it. Religious iconography in the whimsies? Sure, it's a cathedral after all, and some whimsies refer to images you may see in a cathedral. This puzzle is beautiful and makes you smarter: the irregular edges and the tessellation (hello turtles!) force you to pay extra attention. Pretty soon, your brain starts to differentiate subtle nuances of greens and entertain some fun inner dialog ("looking for a turtle with back right leg going inward, green head and white butt"). That will shut your monkey mind off for a moment, and put you in a transe like state. Similarly to meditation, it is a very efficient way to ground you and clear your mind from unnecessary ruminations. After a couple of hours vacations away from my inner chattering, I felt refreshed and more productive!
Name: Peter C.
Review: "Cathedral of The Tides" is a magical puzzle that is both delightful and challenging. The unconventional uneven edges require a different visual perspective that at first may seem frustrating, but then lead to many high fives when you get the hang of it. The image has an inviting feel from a far away fantasy land that drew me in over and over. The level of difficulty was just right for my wife and I, who are reasonably good, but definitely not puzzle superstars. Highly recommended!
Name: Evelyn
Review: This puzzle was fun for the most part! Beautiful image and fun turtle-shaped pieces. And though I was surprised by the number of religious whimsies, they really didn't bother me. What bothered me more were the false fits, which happened more often than normal when compared to other wooden puzzles I've done. Not as difficult as I expected either, so will be searching for an even more difficult puzzle this time around!
Name: Jing
Review: This is a beautiful piece. I don't know why people was bothered by religious whimsies. It's a cathedral for God's sake. The irregular border is challenging and huge amount of turtles are cute and fun.