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Fastest Times

Here are the results from our virtual 2021 Speed Puzzling contest.

And below are the results from our 2018 Fastest Times contest for 6 puzzles, and some updated faster times that people have sent in (feel free to email us at if you'd like to share your record-breaking fastest times for any of these puzzles):

Crystal Grove: 4 hours 52 minutes and 19 sec. Team of 3 adults: Shepard, Brouillet and Brouillet

Dennis Brady Circles and Squares: 18 minutes and 20 seconds. Team of 2: Carol and Connie from Horizon House in Seattle.  New Record April 2021: Tammy McLeod at 12 minutes 25 seconds. 

Burden of Formality: 1 hour and 17 minutes by a team of 4 led by  S. Den Boer

Stem Cell: 47 minutes by a team of 3 adults, led by Brick M. of Washington State. Best individual time reported since then is Yvonne Chu in 2021 reports solo puzzled this at 54 minutes 8 seconds. 

Circle of Time: 19 min and 38 sec. Team of 3 adults from the Brouillet family of California.  Best individual time reported is Yvonne Chu in 2021 solo-puzzles this at 36 minutes, 49 seconds.

Sea Squirts: 1 hour and 23 minutes. Team of 2 adults and a little help from 4 kids, led by Mindy W. of Santa Barbara. Best time reported since then is Yvonne Chu in 2021 reports solo puzzled this at 55 minutes 7 seconds.