Artisanal wooden jigsaw puzzles made in the USA.
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Ecru Puzzles - Erin Hanson Cypress Lights Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle

Ecru Puzzles - Erin Hanson Cypress Lights Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle

$ 116.00

This is a 398 piece wooden jigsaw puzzle of the colorful contemporary landscape "Cypress Lights" by Erin Hanson, painted in the Monterey/Pebble Beach/Carmel area at the northern tip of Big Sur.

The puzzle design by Chandler Millwood has a straight edge and whimsies themed reflecting what Monterery, Pebble Beach and Carmel are famous for, not quite as good as a visit, but hope you'll enjoy puzzling it all out!

Our Ecru Puzzles line is characterized by a closer cut and a matte finish to reduce glare. Like all our puzzles, made of 1/4" thick laser-cut wood and made in the USA. Packaged in our standard pine wood box. Made in the USA (specifically, in Fremont, CA).

Formerly Mystery Puzzle #14

11" by 16.5"

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Name: Margaret
Review: We enjoyed working on this one. It is more challenging than the typical Artifact puzzle and very satisfying when it’s completed. Highly recommended!
Name: Barbara H.
Review: I confess I’d buy any Erin Hanson puzzle, they are all so brilliant and so tricky no matter how they are cut. This one is breathtakingly beautiful and now my favorite. I found this one to be fairly challenging, almost as hard as Crystal Grove, it took a good three to four days of work in short bursts because I could not sit and stare at those abstract pieces for hours. I’d look for a specific color and find it’s everywhere. So many colors and brush strokes in one square inch, how does she do it? I’d love to watch her paint.
Name: Terry B.
Review: We recently completed #14. My mother, a puzzle aficionado worked on it with me and it was quite a challenge. It is by far one of my very favorite completed puzzles, I highly recommend it, and look forward to another mystery puzzle!
Name: Stephanie T
Review: In order to keep the mystery alive I'll stick with some tips: 1) sorting is your friend. 2) if you do a lot of artifact puzzles you'll immediately recognize some elements of this puzzle (which are cool!). 3) if you usually use the box to do puzzles this puzzle is a great illustration of why you don't need to!
Name: K*
Review: Magnificent! Upside down or “right” side up, the painting creates a lovely landscape. Puzzle itself is challenging without being frustrating. A thoroughly enjoyable experience to savor.

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