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You Must Now Choose Expedited Shipping for Xmas Arrival

It is Dec 12, and to be certain your items arrive by Xmas, please choose expedited shipping, either from (might be free if you have amazon prime) or from our website here at these costs:

"2-day" shipping $9.05 (for all puzzles in order)

"1-day" shipping $17 (for all puzzles in order)

Note actual number of days to ship may be more than 1 or 2 days even if you pay for it due to bad weather and other factors UPS can't control.  Shipping is handled by amazon (we outsource order handling to them).

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  • Alankar Gupta on

    Please consider selling a frame for the puzzles. The puzzles are art pieces that many of us will like to display when they have been completed. Also, we would like to be able to easily remove the puzzle from the frame, disassemble it and remake it. The frame must enhance the art.
    I love your puzzles.


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