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Why We Have No M. C. Escher Puzzles

People often suggest we make some puzzles with artwork by M. C. Escher 

First, let me say that M. C. Escher was brilliant and we love his art. 

So why don't we have any M. C. Escher puzzles?

The key reason is the license fees are just way too high for our small-batch style.  

In fact, most of the famous 20th century artists are too expensive to license, and sometimes it can be hard to determine who legitimately holds the license. For example, just because someone claims to be Raoul Dufy's heir, are they in fact the legal heirs to his copyright? 

So that's also why (sadly) we don't have much Picasso, or Jasper Johns, or Jackson Pollack or Joan Miro or Renee Magritte. 

We do have a wonderful selection (uh, when it's in stock) of artwork from before 1923, which is (mostly) copyright free. 

And we have a lot of 21st century contemporary artwork, which we license direct from the living artist. We love sharing great contemporary artwork with you all, and celebrating our century's new great artists!

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  • Diane Delany on

    And another behind-the-scenes explanation by the wonderful folks at Artifact.
    Thank you.

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