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Which New Puzzles Will Be Available Before Xmas?

Here are the new puzzles that we expect will be available before Xmas:

Halloween Vintage Ecru Mystery puzzle - vintage fun for teens & adults

Old Friend - this beautiful Rachell Sumpter spider web (or is it a dream catcher?) should be in-stock in time for Halloween. A curvaceous puzzle design by Amy Tang, and no whimsies, combine to make this an engrossing evening's fun.

Ecru Mystery Puzzles #1-8 will become available as standard puzzles with the image shown. 

Andre Derain Red Sail - a kid-friendly puzzle design with upbeat themed whimsies for your family's first Fauvist adventure (143 pieces)

Ito Jakuchu Plum Blossoms - some of you asked for more hard puzzles, so here you go - 300 pieces of gorgeous Japanese plum blossoms! However, David Figueras's design for it has a fair amount of piece shape variation and themed whimsies, so this one won't be impossible, just pretty darn hard:

Ecru Kawase Hasui Fall - not too big, not too hard, just good for some zen me-time

Eric Joyner Tiki Misadventure - a fun techno-Polynesian to color away winter blues, should be around 400 pieces (EDIT: We now expect this won't be released until January. Sorry!)

Iwona Lifsches Merry Xmas  -  family-friendly holiday cheer with ~250 pieces and diverse color zones so everyone can join in, big or small:

Everything else listed on our coming eventually page will likely not be available until winter 2020.

We will also have 2-5 incredible new Mystery Puzzles in-stock winter 2020! 

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