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Some Tyukanov Moon Orders Will Take An Extra Week To Ship


TLDR: If you bought a Tyukanov Moon puzzle off our website last week, it might take an extra 7 days to ship. 

Long Story: There was a bug in the software that sold units while payment was pending on sales of that unit. That is, the software was happily telling Susan the puzzle was in-stock and while Susan's payment was pending, it didn't mark the puzzle sold, so meanwhile the same puzzle got sold to Ravi, and Peter, and Paul. 

We hadn't encountered this problem before Covid because we never had so many sales happen so fast :(.   

The net result is we over-sold about 40 Moons. The good news is we've got a new batch of those ready to ship out, but we need to air those freshly-laser-burned puzzles out a few days first so they don't arrive smelling like campfire. 

We expect the new batch to ship out Tuesday direct to everyone who didn't get one from the original batch.  


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  • Katherine on

    Just so you know, I really like the ones that still smell like campfires!

  • LEO on

    But I love the campfire smell of a new wooden puzzle!

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