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What do Apple Airpods and Puzzle Pieces Have In Common?

Q: What do Apple Airpods and Puzzle Pieces Have In Common?

A: Wally will eat them both!

Wally, is a 4 year old beagle mix.   

His puzzle-loving owners tell us:

We adopted Wally about 8 months ago from our local Humane Society.  We have another adoptee, Houdini, who is older and much better behaved.

As a beagle mix, Wally is very hound-like, with his nose to the ground and his tail wagging almost all the time.  He's very sweet. 
He will also eat just about anything, and when not eating, is chewing on something or other.  While his favorite chew toys are soft things which he tears to shreds, he does like to sit down and have a good gnaw every now and again.
Unfortunately, we have discovered that his curiosity exceeds his good sense from time to time and he's definitely a "eat first, think later" type of guy. 
Recently-fertilized dirt, woody-smelling wood chips, whatever's in the compost bin, and anything that drops off a human table are particular favorites.
We have to be quite careful with Apple airpods as he would swallow them whole without hesitation. 
With all this in mind, we are quite attentive with wood puzzle pieces; we pounce on them immediately when one gets knocked off the table, say by an errant sleeve or jacket zipper.  But... I suppose in this case there must have been a couple pieces on the floor when we thought there was only one...  and Wally lapped up the other... we weren't quick enough.
Hoping that never happens to you, dear Reader! But if it does, we can usually replace the piece - add our piece replacement to your cart and email us a photo showing where the piece should go.

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