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We've revealed the irregular edges on our newest puzzles

When we come out with new puzzles, if it has an irregular edge, we don't show it as part of the product picture at first, because some of you like to be surprised.

However, some of you don't like to be surprised, so eventually we do change all product photos to show the irregular edge.  

We just did a big sweep of all our newest puzzles and are now showing their irregular edges - some are gorgeous, some are tricky - you can see it all on the Newest puzzles page.

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  • Timothy Wright on

    I much prefer to be surprised by irregular edges, however some reviews on Amazon deduct one star because they are cry babies. For surgery I prefer full informed consent, jigsaw puzzles however are surgery.

  • Michele Penner on

    I agree that I wish you would hide the images of irregular edges. One of the biggest puzzle “ah ha” thrills I’ve had was figuring out that the puzzle I was working did not have a straight edge. Then figuring out what the edge was was great fun.

  • slugbiker on

    I still wish you’d hide the images of irregular edges behind a spoiler, but I guess I’m still in the minority on that. thanks.

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