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We Salute Amazon's Decision To Focus on Essential Goods (Will Affect Our Ability to Re-stock)

After we make a batch of puzzles here in northern California, we ship them to warehouses. 

When you order off our website or order off of, your order goes to those warehouses, and your order is shipped direct from a warehouse. 

Mostly we use Amazon's warehouses, which are spread all throughout the country. 

However, Amazon has just announced they will focus on shipping essential goods to help everyone get the supplies they need.  We salute this decision. 

This does not affect customer shipments of in-stock items. That is, if you order something currently in-stock, it should still get sent to you in a timely manner. 

The Amazon ban is on incoming shipments of new inventory from manufacturers to their warehouses. That is, we are not able to ship new puzzles to their warehouses until (at least) April 5.  

This means that if a puzzle goes out-of-stock, it's likely to remain out-of-stock for at least a month.

Some of our puzzles are shipped from a different (non-amazon) warehouse system that appears to still be running at full capacity. So not all our puzzles will be affected by amazon's short-term ban on non-essential goods. 

Lastly, we are located in California's Bay Area, which has declared  shelter-in-place rules to reduce viral transmissions. We will still be responding to emails, but we cannot offer to directly ship puzzles to you.

We encourage everyone everywhere to enact complete social distancing of 6 feet with all non-household members, immediately. We are in this together, globally. 

On a happier note, many of our puzzle-makers are also great puzzle designers, and they can work-from-home on exciting new puzzle designs. We look forward to offering you some fantastic new puzzles in the coming months.


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  • slugbiker on

    thank you for taking care of yourselves and others in these times. be safe, wash your hands, and keep your distance!

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