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We are now direct-shipping your orders (no more warehouse fulfillment)

As of 6pm today, we switched over to fulfilling your orders ourselves.

This is a big deal for us. Like many small internet businesses, we have for 10 years used fulfillment services: we ship our inventory to a warehouse, and they ship it to you. 

But that causes various problems, from them not packing the puzzles safely enough, to them occasionally passing on returned puzzles as new even when the seal is broken, and once they shipped a customer a power cord instead of the $125 Bosch Garden of Earthly Delights she ordered!

Using a fulfillment service had many benefits too, but we now feel the cons outweigh the pros.

So we are experimenting with filling your orders ourselves. Honestly, this wasn't well-planned out, it's more something we've been thinking maybe we should do for years, and we realized we had lots of puzzles made and ready to sell, but nothing on our website because our warehouse had stopped accepting new inventory for December. 

This means we suddenly have a bunch of puzzles in-stock on our website and will be adding lots more in a few days. 

Filling orders ourselves should also get rid of the problem where you'd get a back in-stock notification but then it'd be out-of-stock right away, but then be back in-stock a day later - that was all a bad side effect of the warehouse checking-in process that would dribble our puzzles into inventory.

In not-so-good news, our folks now have to process orders and ship them from our factory in California. We will do our best to keep up and provide awesome service, but we are new at this, and we may make a few mistakes as we learn. Please just let us know, and we will do our best to make it right.

We are also not sure how much shipping will need to cost.  In the short term, we will keep our traditional rates:

    • Free shipping on orders $35 or more! Free shipping usually arrives in 5-8 days, but occasionally can take 2 weeks or longer.  
    • Expedited shipping (nominally 2 days) $9.05 (fixed cost for for all puzzles in your order)
    • Priority shipping (nominally 1 day) $17 (fixed cost for for all puzzles in your order)

However, once we see what the real cost of shipping is, we may need to change to location-based rates (it is 2x as much to ship to Boston as it is to ship to LA for us) or otherwise adjust prices.

Lastly, if you want puzzles by Xmas, you have 2 options:

  • Order by Dec 18 and select Expedited Shipping. Do NOT choose free shipping if you want it there by Xmas for sure.
  • Local Pick-up: If you are cool with driving over to Fremont California you can order any of 27 puzzles here, pre-pay, and pick-up in person 8am-4pm, Friday Dec 18-Sunday Dec 21

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  • Brendan on

    Well done for taking on the challenge of shipping yourselves! What will this mean for international shipping? I’ve traditionally got your puzzles delivered through your warehouse- will you be offering international shipping in the new year?

  • JoAnne on

    I can’t wait to see the new puzzles! I’m hopeful that your new plan for shipping puzzles yourself will work out well for everyone.

  • slugbiker on

    good for you! it might take a little time to shake out, but this is probably for the best. congrats!

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