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Warning! We do not sell puzzles on the Artifact Space website

Two people have contacted us very disappointed after thinking they were buying our puzzles online and getting cheap cardboard puzzles from China. In both cases, they bought puzzles from a website called "artifact space". That website has nothing to do with us. The website did not use our logo or name (so I don't think they violated any copyright laws), but these people felt tricked by the website name and the fact that they were also selling puzzles.   

That website is no longer up, but when we last saw it, we felt there was no indication they were purposely trying to mislead people - they sold a variety of products including cardboard puzzles that were listed as cardboard and at a price that could only have been cardboard.  

Still, the name confused people and we wanted to warn you in case it happens again.

Note you can buy our puzzles "new" online on only two websites:

  1. on this website,
  2. amazon with the "Brand: Artifact Puzzles" (check the brand name, because sometimes Chinese imitators try to sell fakes of our puzzles on amazon - if you see one, complain to Amazon and us please!))

If you think you are seeing our puzzles sold "new" on any other website, please email us to confirm, but we have a policy of not selling our puzzles to other online retailers. 

You can find our puzzles in-person at select puzzle and gift stores. Here is a list. We have never had any emails about people getting fakes at stores, but of course stick to reputable stores. 

In addition, you may find legit used puzzles by us on various marketplaces, like eBay and Mercari.  We haven't had any complaints of people mis-representing or faking puzzles, but do check the photos and only buy from high-ranked sellers. 


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  • June Blumenthal on

    Please note that several of the Artifact puzzles are listed on a site called I came across this when searching Google for the “Evening Stars” puzzle. Each of the puzzles are listed at 50%, with an added discount at your checkout cart, even though no discount code was entered. It made the bargain really sweet.
    However, Suspiciously, the site redirects you to and then clearly a false paypal look alike site which doesn’t even require you to log into paypal but instead asks you to enter your debit card information. You can’t even click on the paypal logo to go to the home paypal site. When researching the site, they are located in the Netherlands and the scam verifiers list it as being “potentially legit” or has a “high trust rating”. What a load of crap! The site is littered with red flags…Do Not get fooled!

  • BEcky on

    Oct 30th I was looking at the artifact puzzles and I specifically on amazon was looking for your puzzles.
    I found this ( cut and paste). There’s a artifact puzzle in your name but not by you.

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