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Two beautiful Ecru puzzles we'll come out with this year

We just listed a couple beautiful Ecru puzzles we'll be coming out with this year.

If you're interested, click through to the product page and put your email in to get a back-in-stock notification - we use those to prioritize which puzzles we make and how many.

We'll be making a ~350 piece puzzle with the incredible Aaron Wolf's Twilight Treehouse of the Phosphorescent Forest:


We'll also be making a small hard puzzle (around 125 pieces) for Odilon Redon's Pandora painting:


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  • Christine on

    I love both of these! Redon is one of my favorites.

  • Sue Blumberg on

    Twilight Treehouse looks incredible! Looking forward to having it on my table this year.

  • Maya on

    We are finalizing the Edward Hopper Chop Suey and expect to have it in-stock in about 3 weeks.

    The Munch Dance on the Beach is still a few months away sadly, thanks for your encouragement, we’ll prioritize getting it out! -Maya (Artifact Puzzles)

  • sszelc on

    Just added myself to the Treehouse my notification list. Any idea about release of MUNCH DANCE ON THE BEACH and CHOPSUEY puzzles? Been doing a patient wait for these. I have them on my notification list too. Artifact Puzzles have been the bright spot for me during these very dark times.

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