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The Big Bad Price Increase of 2022 Just Happened

As foretold, we just raised prices significantly for the first time since the pandemic hit. 

The good news is, that after many hours of spreadsheeting and analysis, we were able to keep our 500+ puzzles at the same price, and almost all the Ecru puzzles also didn't go up. 

Each individual puzzle will vary, but here's what the price changes look like in general:

Number of pieces

Artifact % price increase Ecru % price increase
100 pieces 21% up 20% up
150 pieces 7% up same price!
200 pieces 11% up 3% up
300 pieces 12% up 2% up
500+ pieces same price! same price!


Keep in mind all our prices include free shipping that usually arrives in 3-10 days.

I think we've all had the experience that you're shopping online and prices look great and then you go to check out and realize they are slapping you with another $18 in shipping costs! No surprises like that on this website (except we have to add sales tax if you live in WA or CA). 


The biggest losers are our under 100 pieces puzzles, which have gone up about 20% because we include free shipping in the price, but shipping small packages has gone up a lot. 

Our biggest winners is our luxury line of Ecru puzzles, which differ from our standard Artifact puzzles have a matte finish (to reduce glare) and closer-cut pieces. We've gotten smarter about how we make these, and we're passing those gains onto you by hardly raising Ecru prices despite all the swirling inflation. 

In other good news, by taking a hard look at our costs and talking with our different puzzlemakers about efficiency and what takes the longest, we've come up with a few good ideas to get more efficient, which we hope will mean we can keep our prices constant for the next year or so, even though we know USPS is about to raise the price of shipping again!



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  • Hronir Jones on

    It was quite kind of you all to warn us. Next time though, don’t raise prices at all please!

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