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"Stem Cell's" Brother Puzzle "Half Life" Available End of January!

"Stem Cell" has brought such a joyous puzzle experience to so many of our Artifact friends that we just had to take on another one of Bruce Riley's paintings.

We are proud to introduce "Half Life" to our puzzle family and give you a little sneak peak.

I absolutely love the clever and even cheeky whimsies Tara Flannery had come up with during designing. One of my favorites is something that you might have woken up with this morning:

Know what it is? Let us know in the comments. And that's just the beginning of the exciting whimsies in this puzzle; I'd like to keep on rambling on about them but I won't ruin it for you. 

This puzzle will be available on our website the end of January for all you science and puzzle buffs out there. 

Happy Puzzling!

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    Chemical composition of coffee!

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