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Sneek Peek at New Roch Urbaniak Puzzle

We love Polish painter Roch Urbaniak's dreamy fantasy landscapes, painted in thick oils. 

We've just finished laser-cutting our newest Roch Urbaniak puzzle and will release it late this week in our Ecru line (matte finish for reduced glare). 

It's called Furthest Cove:

This will be our first Roch Urbaniak puzzle done with split tendril connector pieces:

Our split tendril connector pieces are a unique style of puzzle design that interlocks tightly - here's a peek:

This one will have 249 pieces, and while it's not our hardest split tendril connector puzzle (that honor probably goes to Fishies), we still consider this really hard for its piece count. 

The edge is irregular and decorative and arises naturally from the puzzle pieces, so you can't sort the edge pieces out!

There are a few themed whimsies for fun - if you like a really hard puzzling experience, set those to the side when you find them and put them in last (whimsies make a puzzle easier!)

The pieces are a bit extra big so the tendrils won't break, and so this gets packaged in our standard wood box. 

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