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Sneak Peek At New Sumpter Islander Puzzle w/ Stokesian pieces

Our new 261 piece Islander puzzle one might be my favorite puzzle of 2020 so far!

First, the artwork by Rachel Sumpter is a sublime blend of color and detail:

Second, Amy Tang has designed a fantastic puzzle with Stokesian pieces  -  that is, pieces inspired by the custom style of master hand-cutter John Stokes III, which he has given us permission to riff upon).

Plus she's hidden cute North/South-Pole themed whimsies and snowflakes in the abstraction.  

Here's a sneak peek at some of the pieces - note the 261 pieces are extra big so we could make them robust enough to handle this creative design:


This puzzle is average hard for our puzzles, but does have an irregular edge.

You might have enjoyed some of our previous Stokesian puzzles before, designed by Tara Flannery (these will be back-in stock eventually!):

See more puzzles with super-fancy pieces here, or browse our puzzles by our different kinds of puzzle design and puzzle pieces here. 


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