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Sneak Peek at New Miskin's Dilaram Harp Puzzle

Our new Miskin's Dilaram Harp puzzle will be out Friday April 8th, and it is one of our biggest puzzles with a 16th century artwork at 468 pieces. 

The image is an exquisite Moghul miniature by the Moghul court painter Miskin showing the King Bahram Gur and the forest animals mesmerized by Dilaram playing the harp. 

While this scene was painted in 1597, the scene portrayed is from the 5th century, when King Baram Gur ruled Persia as king of the Sasanian empire. 

Officially he was Baram V, but he was also known as Baram Gur (Wild Ass) for his fondness and skill at hunting the onager (wild ass), a wily and difficult to catch creature.  

The Sasanian empire, and Baram's rule in particular, was characterized by a golden age of art and peace and culture, and this particular 5th century king is highlighted in a number of 16th century artworks.

The painting is a peaceful, beautiful portrayal of forest animals enjoying the music - here's a zoomed-in look at some of the deer and a fox:

Our 468 piece puzzle for this image features a puzzle design by David Figueiras, with  irregular shaped pieces, pretty multi-faceted connectors, and peaceful animal whimsies with a bit of etching, and a straight edge.

Here's a sneak peek - we'll get some clearer photos up on the product page soon, and the puzzle will be in-stock this Friday April 8th along with 3 other brand new puzzles!


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  • sszelc on

    It’s MINE!!! I ordered this earlier today (4-10-22). Don’t know why I waited 2 days, as it was released on 4-08-22. It is a mesmerizing piece. It takes about a week for a puzzle to arrive at my home in Pennsylvania, but that’s OK. I have such a backlog of unbuilt Artifact puzzles from my “Pandemic Library”. Going back to work this past September has put a serious crimp into my puzzle building time. I have quite a few to build and then write reviews. Just wanted to be sure to snag this beauty before it SELLS OUT!!! Many thanks Maya and the Artifact team. I am forever indebted to you!!!! xo

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