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Sneak Peek at New Gorgeous Ton Dubbeldam Ecru Puzzle

We'll have this one in-stock December 4th, it's a gorgeous new Ton Dubbeldam puzzle, with our Ecru matte images and close-cut pieces, and an image style that will remind you of Klimt:

Chandler Millwood designed this puzzle with  a tessellation of two-handed spiral pieces similar to our Every Little Thing puzzle: shape-wise these piece shapes are the slightly-easier little brother of our split tendril connector pieces.

Here's a couple sneak peek photos at those pieces - you can see it's hard because there aren't a lot of image clues, and while we've made each spiral connector unique, they don't look unique: 

Here's a sneak peek at some individual pieces - almost all the pieces look like these (sorry about the bad photo! This is from Kyle's cell phone camera as the first batch comes off the laser! Better photos coming in a couple weeks.):

While Every Little Thing is just average hard, this puzzle we rate as really hard, because the image details are so chaotic there aren't many image clues, plus Chandler put in just a single whimsy to keep it hard (the more whimsies a puzzle has, generally the easier it is). 

And a decorative irregular edge arises naturally from the piece shapes which also makes it tough as you have no idea which pieces are edge pieces, unlike the straight edge of Every Little Thing.

That said, this is definitely on the easier end of our really hard puzzles, this ain't going to be nearly as tough as Fishies or Plum Blossoms or Crystal Grove or Old Friend, but it's hard enough that we felt we should rate it really hard to warn-off less expert puzzlers!

Here's a close-up of the gorgeous image:


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  • susan kaput on

    Oh, Wow…..And a merry Christmas to you, too….:-)

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