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Sneak Peek at new beautiful hard Split Tendril Connector Erin Hanson Layers of Afternoon puzzle

Hoping to get at least a small batch of this new beautiful Erin Hanson puzzle Layers of Afternoon into stock later this month.

It's got 287 pieces, but this is going to be a pretty darn hard puzzle - so don't get this one unless you are craving a challenge or already know you like our split tendril connectors. I think it is easier than Crystal Grove, but a similar type of challenge.

The pieces are all unique and there are a handful of great themed whimsies (but not too many, as we wanted to keep this one a challenge), but you'll need to pay a lot of attention to image detail to get this together right.

Here's a sneak peek of the puzzle pieces, designed by one of our newer puzzle designers, Ashley Boyd: 

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  • Michele on

    I can hardly wait!!!!

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