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Sneak Peek at Mystery Puzzle #16 - 331 pieces

We plan to have this new Mystery Puzzle in-stock for xmas if all goes well.

The image (which we aren't showing you- that's what makes it a mystery puzzle)  is a colorful contemporary Fauvist painting. 

Amy Tang and Danny Song teamed up to make this a unique and really hard puzzle.  

It's got:

  • western-themed whimsies,
  • an irregular edge,
  • arrow-head connectors, 
  • cow-splotch pieces without connectors that add to the challenge

Here's a sneak peek at a few pieces:

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  • Katherine on

    Oh! I thought by “cow-splotch” you meant cow pies (left on the ground by cows for us to step in) which are the same shape. :-)

  • John Axline on

    Too early to take orders? Count me in!

  • Maya the Owner on

    re: Cow-sploth? Yep, see the sneak peek photo for what I mean :), they are like the canonical splotches you see on cows.

  • Martha on


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