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Sneak Peek at Kozyndan Ode To California

Our new (in-stock late October) 509 piece puzzle by artist-couple Kozyndan is called Ode to California, and it is a bright and colorful extravaganza celebrating California!  

The image is incredibly varied and detailed.

Below are some close-ups.

Note the artwork does have a lot of body-positive cartoonish nudity of people of varying sizes and colors and age, which we're emphasizing in these close-ups so you see what we mean:

The sherbert-colored curvy puzzle pieces look joyful when first poured out on the table: - but this puzzle is a bit harder than it looks!

The puzzle design was a collaboration between Chandler Millwood and Matt Lyon, and has a lot of California-themed whimsies, including some pieces shaped like famous Californians like Clint Eastwood, Michael Jackson, Liza Manelli, Marilyn Monroe, LeBron James,  Snoog Dog, Bruce Lee, and Tony Hawk, as well as generic California surfer gal (seen above), hippy gal, and roller-skater woman.

And there's a nod to Star Wars, a tip of the hat to Silicon Valley and the Central Valley, and some historic whimsies from the Spanish colony era and the famous Myers Manx original dune buggy: 

The above photo also gives you a sneak peek at the edge: it's a lazy hand-drawn edge that makes this puzzle a little tougher (since you can't easily pick out the edge pieces).

Ode to California will be in stock in a few days - you can sign-up here to get an email notification.

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  • Hronir Jones on

    It’s as if California was the Garden of Eden. Looking forward to this one, I suspect it will be quite amusing, but I won’t be sharing it with the neighbor girl, I’ll tell you that!

  • Scott F on

    I really like the look of the edge pieces. I hope you do more like it in the future.

  • Barbara on

    Cannot wait for this one!! Keep up the great work!

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