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Sneak Peek at Erin Hanson Big Sur Lupin Puzzle

We are so excited to be coming out this October with this new, big, beautiful Erin Hanson puzzle with 383 pieces:

The original title is Dawning Lupin, but to minimize confusion with our other Erin Hanson puzzles, we're calling Big Sur Lupin, as it is a painting of the coastal hills in Big Sur, California, which is the rugged, barely inhabited part of the California coast just south of Carmel and Monterey.

To honor this fabulous painting, I worked with puzzle designer David Figueiras to design a new style of puzzle that we call nested spirals. Here's a sneak peek at one of this puzzles nested spirals:

The puzzle is laced with these nested spirals, and has just a handful of Big Sur themed whimsies, and a decorative irregular edge with drop-outs. 

Here's a sneak peek at the edge, and you can see the whimsy of the road-tripping convertible  cruising down highway 1, and the nested spirals too:

We alpha-tested this one, and while it looked really hard, it surprised us by steadily coming together, so we're calling this harder than average, but it's not quite really hard.

There are 383 pieces, but the pieces are a bit bigger than usual to make the spirals strong enough, and we found that added to how beautiful the whole experience was. 

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  • Lena in Michigan on

    That artwork is gorgeous!

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