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Small Side Labels for Older Puzzles

We've been working on making a complete set of side labels for customers who want to be able to distinguish their puzzles while they're stored, similar to what we talked about in this post.

We've had to sort through our archives to get the information we need (some of our puzzles have been discontinued for many years) but we've got it ready and these labels are available now. They're not flashy, but we think they work well:



Some folks have already signed up to get these via our newsletter, but we'd like to make them available to anyone who wants them. Since we'll engraving our wood puzzles from now on (see this post) and labeling our magnetic box puzzles soon-ish, you may not want these if you don't already have a fair number of our puzzles.

You can buy these labels here: Artifact Puzzles - Collector's Side Label Pack

Oh, and if you want to sign up for our newsletter in the future, do so here:

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