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An Exciting Announcement!

A lot of customers have written in suggesting something on the side to tell which puzzles are which, when puzzles are stored sideways. And we are listening. We have been testing out how to integrate this into our wooden boxes.
We are so excited to tell you that we will be engraving our wooden boxed puzzles with the title, artist name, piece count, and the company branding.
Disclaimer: as these boxes are slowly being released, not all boxes right now will have the side label. There is a lot of inventory we have that do not have these, and we cannot control which box you will be receiving. We will be updating the puzzle listings once the boxes have side labels, but this doesn't fully guarantee that all the puzzles in stock after that point will have these engravings.
We cannot wait til you add these wooden boxed puzzles to your collection!

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  • Rose on

    Fabulous idea

  • Amy on

    Fabulous idea!

  • puzzle_evangelist on

    that’s a great idea, guys!
    you are the best!

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