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Signed-up for the April 17 contest? You should have gotten your Zoom link today

We're running a historic maybe-first maybe-annual virtual speed wooden jigsaw puzzling contest this Saturday! 

140 of you signed-up (registration now closed), and we've emailed everyone who registered a Zoom link to join the virtual event. 

If you don't see that Zoom link in your email and you did register, email us at right-away and we'll get it to you. 

The contest will be run as two separate events, a Pairs event and an Individual event.  There are around 70 of the best puzzlers in each event. 

We'll blog the winners next week. 

Want to know if you're a fast puzzler? Check out the Fastest Times page for past winners and new records for 6 of our most popular puzzles. 

Our most recent record is Tammy McLeod who clocked-in at 12 minutes 25 seconds for the Dennis Brady Circles and Times (watch the video on youTube). Nice!

We're happy to add your new fastest times records for those 6 puzzles if you want to email them in.

Note on Comparability: Our speed-puzzling contest tomorrow will be pretty well-controlled in that everyone will be doing the puzzle for the first time, and won't have even seen the image beforehand.  For our at-home records, how many times they have done it before will vary. 


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