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New Huge Nueve Puzzle Coming This Year (Over 2000 pieces!)

We are happy to announce we are on-schedule to have our huge new 9-panel puzzle Nueve by Iris Scott in-stock this holiday season!

A few things we can tell you right now:

  • It will be around 2,400 pieces (over 2x the size of Chinatown)
  • It will be Ecru style: close-cut pieces, matte finish, looks beautiful
  • It will be around $500. We'll list the price as soon as we can finalize it, as we know some of you will want to save-up for this one.
  • Iris Scott painted it as a nona-tych, that is, it was painted as 9 individual panels. Because they were painted separately, the colors and image details on the 9 panels do not perfectly match up. You can kind of see that from the above, but it's more obvious when you have the full-size panels in front of you. It's a lovely piece of artwork, we just wanted to warn you of that ahead of time.
  • The puzzle design will be fairly standard for our company (nothing too crazy):
    • Square-ish pieces on overlapping circular grids, inspired by skipping stones on a pond
    • Fancy unique connector shapes inspired by fish tails, Japanese lanterns, and lotuses
    • Lots of themed whimsies
    • Chandler Millwood is the lead puzzle designer on this, but for such a big puzzle, we pulled in help from three of our other puzzle designers: David Figueiras and Amy Tang and Jef Bambas
    • Here's a tiny sneak peek:

Lastly, a heads-up that while we are now 90% sure we can get the first batch in-stock for Xmas shopping, we won't be sure exactly when we'll have it in-stock, or whether we'll have a big enough batch for everyone who actually wants one (not an easy problem estimating demand on a puzzle 6x the cost of our average puzzle!). 

But if you miss out on the first batch, we expect to have a 2nd batch in-stock in January 2022.

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  • Barbara on


  • slugbiker on

    so, will there be multiple boxes or ??? and will each “panel” be packed separately or ?? trying to figure out if this will be doable on my table. thanks!

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