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Results from Our Guess The # of Puzzle Pieces In The Jar Contest

If you signed up for our email Gazette  (there is a link to sign-up on the order confirmation page), you might have submitted a guess to our summer 2020 contest to guess the number of pieces in the jar. 

The contest is now over, and below are the results and winners.

But if you didn't get a chance to enter, you can still test your spatial geometry skills - here are the photos  - how many pieces do you think are in the jar?

The median guess was 148, which was pretty close, though any random guess was pretty far off - here's the distribution of guesses:

The correct answer is 130 pieces.

We are happy to announce there were two winners:

Congrats to Yi in New York who guessed 125 pieces!

Congrats to Jan in San Diego who guessed 135 pieces!

Both winners will receive a Vikram Madan Double-sided Social Distancing puzzle


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  • Jeanie Horton on

    Love the puzzles, would like up dates of those in stock. Thanks!

  • RIchard on

    On my last order, I did not notice the link to sign up for the Gazette. Is there another way to sign up?

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