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Puzzle Parley Postponed

We've mentioned the Puzzle Parley in some of our previous blog posts. Unfortunately, the event has been postponed due to health concerns. Though this is disappointing, we of course approve this decision. We were looking forward to the speed puzzling contest we were sponsoring but hopefully we'll be able to do it later on - the convention will tentatively be rescheduled in 2021.

Here's the text of the announcement you can see on their website:

Dear Puzzlers,

The Steering Committee has very reluctantly decided to postpone the Puzzle Parley until the summer of 2021. We concluded there is an almost zero chance that people will feel comfortable traveling and gathering in large numbers by July.

We hope to reschedule the Parley for a weekend in late July 2021, at the same hotel, and with essentially the same three day program. Of course, availability constraints may require some changes.

Meanwhile we will send full refunds to those who have already paid registration fees. If you paid by check, you will be hearing from our Treasurer, Bob Armstrong. If you paid by paypal, we will refund your payment via paypal.

If you made a hotel reservation, please be sure to cancel it so you do not incur charges. We are unable to do this for you.

We are disappointed and know you are too. Judging from the number of registrations received in the last three weeks, there were many people looking forward to the Parley.

We will send more details on the 2021 plans as they become available. While waiting for those details, try to keep up your spirits with a puzzle or two.

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