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Puzzle Parley 2020 and Fastest Times Puzzling Contest

EDIT: This even has been postponed. (See blog post here.)

You've probably heard of some other fan and hobby conventions that gather around the country, but did you know there's one for wooden jigsaw puzzle-solvers?

The Puzzle Parley only happens on even-numbered years, but that means the next one is this year - on July 24th-26th in Sturbridge, Massachusetts! If you register early (by May 20th) you can do so at a discounted rate.

May 20 is also the deadline to register for the Artifact Puzzle Contest.

The what? That's right, we're sponsoring a speed puzzle-solving contest! On the night of the 25th, teams of three will compete to see who can solve a brand-new, never-advertised-before, mystery-style (no image shown) 200-ish piece Artifact Puzzle.

Fun and prizes will be had by all! You should definitely sign up if you plan on going - it'll be well worth the $7 fee, since each team gets at least to keep the new puzzle. (You do have to register for the convention to participate.)

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