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Puzzle Framing - A More Permanent Appreciation

A lot of customers ask us about framing puzzles. Here at Artifact Puzzles we think the best way to enjoy our puzzles is by sitting down and putting them together...

A lot of customers ask us about framing puzzles. Here at Artifact Puzzles we think the best way to enjoy our puzzles is by sitting down and putting them together time and time again but we realize some of our customers have a different idea of how to appreciate these little gems.

Here are some great examples of framing by Customer and Artist Joan Riccio, who can give art galleries a run for their money with her collection of over 200 framed puzzles:

 This is our puzzle version of Sergey Tyukanov's illustration of Cheshire Cat. Being one of our small end puzzles really makes for a great display upon completion.

And this one is Kevin Sloan's Consequences of Hypnosis. This is one of our average sized puzzles that works just as well being framed as long as proper stability is attained before placed within the display. Like most things in life, there isn't just one correct way to go about placing a puzzle in a frame. We get suggestions from our crafty and creative customers for some of the best ways to frame our puzzles. The following are some of the best advice that we have received from our wonderful customers.


From framing expert Joan Riccio herself:

She recommends using Puzzle Presto Puzzle save sheets which are designed especially for these types of things. Fortunately, they are easy on the wallet coming in at approximately $10 for six sheets and works on puzzles up to 29 inches by 21.5 inches. These are used to stabilize the puzzle which allows the framer to attach it to a backing and place in a frame both with or without matting. A framing shop can help you decide on a proper frame and plan of action and, of course, can even take care of custom framing for you (but which can be very expensive, trust me I know by experience!).


And from customer Christine Z from PCB:

She likes to simply press the finished puzzle on a Post-it Self-stick Bulletin Board that can be found on Amazon for around $15. Once nice and secure, the board can be cut to size directly around the puzzle. Stopping at this step would display your puzzle in a mounting fashion but the project can be continued by framing this puzzle by attaching it to a backing and picking out a complementary frame.


For an even more permanent framing solution may we also recommend a standard wooden glue from a hardware or supplies store. They can be glued together directly onto a backing that can be displayed in a lovely frame. 

As long as the puzzle is secured the framing possibilities are endless! Feel free to send us pictures and your suggestions to! We would love to take a look.

Happy Framing!


2 comments on Puzzle Framing - A More Permanent Appreciation
  • Kelsi
    KelsiFebruary 02, 2020

    What about those with irregular edges?

  • Gwendolyn Dickerhoff
    Gwendolyn DickerhoffJanuary 06, 2017

    Looks wonderful ! I will be in to see it soon! Perfect way to introduce art and the classics to a young viewer. Awesome !

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