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New Mystery Puzzle #20 In-Stock Any Day!

The new Ecru Mystery Puzzle #20 will be in-stock any day now. Like all our mystery puzzles, we won't reveal what the image is (but it is hidden at the bottom of the box if you need it). 

Mystery Puzzle #20 is a colorful contemporary celebration of life, and we are releasing it in commemoration of the 100th year anniversary of the 19th Amendment to the US Constitution, which extended the right to vote to women.

Mystery Puzzle #20 only has 148 pieces, but they are split-tendril connector pieces, so the puzzle is still a decent challenge. Here's a sneak peek at 1 of the pieces:


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  • Barb on

    I always really appreciate the updates….especially for the mystery puzzles. Thank you!

  • sszelc on

    Thanks for the update!
    I snagged one of the last 3 Ecru Wild Moor puzzles at Amazon! Hey guys…there are 2 remaining!!!

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