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Our First Batches of Made in Port Townsend Puzzles

We're excited to announce our first batches of puzzles are now for sale that were made in our new workshop in Port Townsend, Washington

Port Townsend (marked in red) is a couple of hours by ferry or car from Seattle, and back in the 1880's a lot of people thought it'd be a bigger city than Seattle, but then the railroads came in and Seattle got better connected.

Port Townsend is famous for its Victorian buildings, wood boat building craftsmanship, and hard cider, and soon we hope, the high-quality puzzles we've just started making there!

We continue to make most of our puzzles at our Fremont factory in Silicon Valley (about a mile from the main Tesla factory), but all orders are now shipping out to customers from Port Townsend. 

Here's the puzzles we just released that are Made in Port Townsend:

Ecru Siege of Cranes: 437 pieces, average hard, lots of whimsies, digitally painted by Aaron Wolf

Ecru Puzzles Carpe Diem: 354 pieces - split tendril connector pieces (sized extra-large for robustness) on a radial grid, really hard, painted by Dutch artist Ton Dubbeldam


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  • Franz-J. on

    Congrats again on your art selection. These paintings are stunning and I am glad you gave them the superior Ecru treatment. My order is already placed.
    I wish you a lot of success with your second production facility!

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