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Now That's A Puzzle Shelf

Check out these gorgeous puzzle shelves Jerry Dunmire designed and built for his wife for Christmas - now that's a puzzle shelf!

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  • Sue S on

    Wow Jerry!!!! That is beautiful!!! You could sell those!!! I bet alot of dedicated Artifact Puzzlers would be buyers!!!!!!

  • Richard on

    I’ve seen it and it’s very nicely done. Jerry has only been doing serious woodwork for a couple of years and has really done well!

  • Martha on

    Wow Jerry! That is so sweet and beautiful. Have you started a second one? ;-)

  • slugbiker on

    wow… those are nice

  • Barb on

    Ooh…good job, Jerry…very nice. My squirreled away puzzles would be miffed if they saw this shelf.

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