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No Parental Guidance Needed?

We usually recommend our puzzles for people 14 yrs and older, but one of our customers shared this story that challenges our assumptions about what kids can do...

Edison is four years old, and is really into puzzles. He usually can finish two 20-70 piece puzzles a day.
Edison kept asking his Dad about the puzzle Dad was storing up on a high shelf  (mechanical griffin), but Dad told him that was “daddy’s puzzle” and that it was too hard for a little guy.  
Well, while dad was busy cleaning out the garage, someone climbed up and grabbed that puzzle off the high shelf. With no help from Mom or Dad, and after about 6 hours or so, Edison proved he was ready for serious puzzling!
Thanks Edison for inspiring us all to test what challenges we can really handle!  
Stories like this really cheer up our day - if you have a story you'd like to share about our puzzles, email it to us and let us know if we can share it with others!

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  • Lisa Mabley on

    Wow, that’s some serious concentration! My kid is nine and he only becomes interested in my ‘grownup puzzles’ when they are 95% completed and there are only a handful of pieces left to place.

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