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Niven the Dandie Dinmont Terrier

Niven the Dandie Dinmont Terrier is 15 months old and one of just 500 of his Scottish breed. Despite being such a special dog, we were not surprised to hear Niven is just like other dogs in his curiosity to chew on our puzzle pieces!

Please keep your puzzle pieces away from your dogs, and if they do mess one up, email us and we'll try to get you a replacement piece(s) - first pieces free, but if it happens more than once we'll ask for $10-15 to cover costs.

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  • Jayne on

    That’s my boy!!! Thank you to Artifact Puzzles for their amazing customer service. We are waiting for our replacement puzzle piece and 3 more puzzles on there way. Thanks again for all your help. (Niven’s mama)

  • Barb on

    He’s a cute little guy…you can just see the attitude oozing out of him. I bet he’s a lot of fun.

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