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Newest Irregular Edges Revealed!

Many of our serious puzzlers like to be surprised, so we don't show the irregular edge (if a puzzle has one) when we first launch it. 

But other puzzlers want to know exactly what they are buying!

So eventually we switch each new puzzle picture over to show its irregular edge if it has one.

We just made that switch (thanks Jef Bambas!) for all our 2022 puzzles and 2023 puzzles. 

Here's some of the newly revealed edges for our 2022 puzzles!

(See all our puzzles with irregular edges, and our straight edge puzzles here).

Whimsical Top Edge on Tea Bath:

Literary Dogs has one of the most exuberant whimsical top edges we've ever done, full of dogs and pets and piles of books across its 32"!

A charming whimsical top edge on the perfect-gift Family Dynamics by Paul Bond:


Lazy Hand-drawn Irregular Edge on the new Erin Hanson Flurry of Wildflowers:


The irregular edge for Home In the Heart of the Country arises naturally from its two-handed spiral piece shapes:

The crazy hard Kaleidoscope Cat has a decorative irregular edge of outie knobs, which makes it even harder to tell which knob goes where!


White Clouds and Crimson Trees gets its irregular edge natively from its pentagonal piece shapes: 

Another fun whimsical edge we've just revealed is for Chippy by Kristian Adam, it makes this 179 piece puzzle more challenging than usual:


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