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New Wishlist Software that Actually Works!

We've removed our old largely non-functional wishlist feature: it was confusing, and it didn't operate like you expected, and often didn't even work right so you couldn't see what items were in your wishlist.

We are replacing the old wishlist with a new one that should be much more intuitive to use. Adding to the wishlist is as simple as clicking anywhere on the red text when looking at a puzzle's product page:

You can get to your wishlist from the pop-up in the corner after adding an item or by clicking on the link at the top of the website:

If you want to access your wishlist on more than one device, you'll have to link it to an email address. To do that use the gear icon when looking at your wishlist and put in your email.

If you find any issues with the new functions let us know in the comments - it'll be much better to figure out what works and what doesn't soon when it's still relatively easy to make changes.

EDIT: Thanks Tonia for pointing out the lack of a link on mobile - we've made some updates and there should now be a heart icon right in the middle of the top of the screen you can click on to get to your wishlist if you're using your phone.

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  • Robyn on

    Cannot figure out how to remove an item from wishlist, all I see is clear all… I don’t want to clear all, I want to remove one or two from the list. No “x” in right corner as some google results talk about.

  • KRISTEN on

    How do I remove things from my wishlist. I don’t see that option, and I’ve bought some of them, but they are still on the wishlist.

  • DianeD on

    LOVE it!
    Loosing my old wish list was not a big problem. It was long and outdated. I was happy to go through the whole catalog again. I found a few I did not have on me old list that I enthusiastically added to me new list. Thanks much to you all.

  • Katherine Krueger on

    Help! What happened to my old wishlist? I can’t find it anywhere. I had a LOT of puzzles in my old wishlist (“Kat Wishlist”). I don’t really want to go back through your entire catalogue again to have to figure out which puzzles belong in my new wishlist. Is there any way to retrieve my old one?

  • Wendy on

    May I suggest adding to your wishlist functionality a feature that allows you to request a notification alert when the puzzle is back in stock, maybe even a bulk notification request. Right now the only way to do this is to go puzzle by puzzle on each puzzle’s page. Thanks!

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