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New! We Are Selling Stumpcraft Puzzles From Canada

We are experimentally partnering with another awesome wooden jigsaw puzzle company Stumpcraft Puzzles of Canadato make it easier to get their high-quality puzzles here in the States. 

We are offering them at similar prices you'd pay to get them direct, but if you order here you'll get free shipping from our Washington state warehouse with arrival in 3-10 days. 

Stumpcraft Puzzles print their images directly on thick MDF wood, for a unique and beautiful puzzling experience.   Their puzzle designs generally have whimsies and often very large multi-piece whimsies. 

Their puzzles mostly have straight edges, but they have more irregular piece shapes and sizes (within a puzzle) than Artifact Puzzles generally do, and that tends to make their puzzles quite challenging, similar in difficulty to our "kind of hard" puzzles

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We plan to get a new shipment of Stumpcraft Puzzles in October, so if the one you want is out-of-stock, sign-up for a back-in stock notification so we get enough of that puzzle this fall (no commitment). 


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  • Old Man from Nebraska on

    I have done a couple Stumpcraft Puzzles. The images are very beautiful. The piece shapes are very different within each puzzle, and feel more random than Artifact piece shapes, which usually have a theme to them in each puzzle. I found made them harder than the usual Artifact Puzzles I do (but I don’t do the really hard Artifact Puzzles.). I’d be curious to hear what other puzzlers thought, so I’ll be checking back here if you would kindly leave your comments, or on the individual puzzle reviews!

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