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New Paul Bond Art

We have two great Paul Bond art puzzles, Ode to a Zen Koan, and The Yogi.

Paul's just come out with some cool new paintings, both some originals and prints are available - here's a taster, check it out here.

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  • Maya on

    We’ll throw these other Paul Bond suggestions into a survey and see what more folks think. Thanks!

  • Martha on

    I am all about “Interpretations of Home”. Amazing colors.

  • erica on

    Love the images you currently have, would also love to see a puzzle of Paul Bond’s Courting the Moon and Reverend Robert Walker Adopts a Rather Ambiguous Stance on Climate Change.

  • Maya on

    We’ll try to get the two Paul Bond puzzles we already have back-in-stock soon.
    Thanks for your suggestions on new paintings for puzzles – I’m a sucker for octopus-and-rubber-duckies – so yes! Just arranged with Paul Bond to license his “Oh Hey Look At That” for a puzzle – hope to have that in-stock by Xmas. Here’s a direct link to that image:

  • Dana on

    Will the two Paul Bond puzzles be released soon?
    Hard to pick a fav from the new paintings, but definitely, When We Listened for the Passing of Time, and Oh, Hey. Look at That!

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