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Sneak Peek at Mystery Puzzle #20

Here's another Mystery Puzzle sneak preview, this time for Mystery Puzzle #20  a 148 piece "colorful contemporary celebration of life". 

This one is a little hard - the puzzle design is an innovative split tendril connector design by Tara Flannery, that makes it a little extra hard compared to more normal pieces, and there's hardly any 

All our mystery puzzles are cut Ecru-style, so the pieces are extra close, as you can see in the bottom photo:

 Sign up to be notified when it's in-stock (probably in 2-3 weeks) here:  Mystery Puzzle #20 . 

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  • Maya on

    Link might have been bad – it’s fixed now, please try again. Or just copy this into your browser:

  • Dana on

    Hi guys, the highlighted transfer to the mystery puzzle takes me to shopify, and there is only a login for a free trial of shopify. Is there a way to get to the upcoming puzzle to add to wish list and to request notification when it’s in stock?
    It’s probably my low tech skills 😋

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