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More hard puzzles coming this fall!

Just a heads-up that we're hearing the feedback that some people want more really hard big puzzles.

We also know some of you really like bright colors and high-contrast puzzles.

We're working on all that, hope to have some nice new selections for everyone out by next winter!

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  • Karen Jensen on

    I certainly agree with those requesting more puzzles for kids. There’s nothing I would like more than hooking my grandkids (ages 5-8) on quality large pieced wood Puzzles! I recently had a wonderful evening assembling one with our 5 year old grandson. Looking forward to more good times ahead.

  • Anne Marie Gilbert on

    That makes me happy. I like hard puzzles with lots of pieces. I buy some of the easier ones to put together with my granddaughter but for myself the larger number of pieces and the greater the challenge the better I like it. Especially if I want to put it together more the once. The brightness of the colors and the contrast is not as important as the quality of the art that the puzzle depicts and the quality of the design of the cut.
    Although there is that moment when I unbox a large piece dark shaded low contrast puzzle and then ask myself “what was I thinking”, but that pales beside the satisfaction of completing it.

  • susan kaput on

    Hi – glad you’re working on Christmas puzzles. I am a grandmother, as are many of my friends, and the large-piece monster puzzle is a big hit with our grandkids – I am begging you to please make more kids puzzles of 100-150 pieces, slightly oversized pieces. This is how you will hook in the next generation of fans, and make me happy as well.

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