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More Freeman Sunday Paper and Other New Puzzles Coming This Week (Probably)

We'll have big batches of these new puzzles in-stock this week, should be enough for everyone who signed-up for them, and those who didn't:

We'll also get into stock a bunch of the huge awesome Joe Vaux Garden of Earthly Delights, a re-envisioning of the Hieronymous Bosch Garden of Earthly Delights, now with killer bees, migrating zebras, monstrous hills, atomic puzzle pieces, 50's fast cars, and cartoon nudity (both genders).

Lastly, this week or next we'll also have the new-ish family-friendly Wizard's Workshop back in-stock. 

A few more of our puzzles will show up on Amazon, and we'll cross-link those here once they are truly in-stock (Amazon will let you pre-order stuff before they've really stocked it). 

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    • BArbara on

      Please restock your Christmas puzzles! The first one I did was an Iwona puzzle and I will always treasure it. I’m looking for more. We older people stuck in the house need your help. :-)

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