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Missing but Presumed Stolen: A Cat Thief

Anyone who has done Islands of Life, knows the irregular edge makes the puzzle surprisingly hard! Can you imagine doing it missing one piece?

We received an email from a puzzler about a piece they declared as "missing" but "presumed stolen by a naughty cat."

The mischievous Minnow the cat is the likely culprit according to the owner.

"We can't prove that she's responsible for disappearing our missing piece, but circumstantial evidence strongly points in her direction."

This is Minnow having a nice rest "after a long day of finding things to knock off of tables, counters, chairs, and any other available surface" according to her owner.

The puzzler says that while our puzzles may withstand a cat walking on top, the loose piece proved to be too much temptation!

This has been a PSA: cats grab puzzle pieces too! We've even had a puzzler find a piece buried in the litterbox!

In many cases we can replace individual pieces of our puzzles, but we ask for $15 to cover costs, to get that, just purchase our piece replacement here and send us an email with the photo showing where the piece goes, and let us know if we can share your naughty animal story.

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