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Luca the Puzzle Piece Hunter

Here is another warning that dogs of all shapes and sizes love to chew on our wooden puzzle pieces.

Luca is a young Lagotto Romagnolo. Luca’s owner tells us:

Lagottos are bred to hunt truffles. And when Mom and Dad came up short on the truffle hunting experience, Luca did the next best thing—hunted puzzle pieces. He could sniff them, snuffle them, from a mile away.

Luca’s owner said the dogs usually don’t eat truffles like the truffle-hunting pigs do, but apparently our puzzle piece looked even more scrumptious than a truffle. According to the owner, Luca was not repentant at all, but he is still a puppy. Mistakes happen!

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  • Barb on

    Never heard of this breed, but….isn’t he adorable??? So glad you posted a pic and that he has, so far at least, avoided harm from what he’s chewed. Off to Google the breed…

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