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Legend for the La Connaissance Puzzle Whimsies

Our La Connaissance Puzzle was painted by French artist Isabelle Plante, and is studded with knowledge-themed whimsies and whimsies of great thinkers. 

Which great thinkers did we choose? (legend below).

Which great thinkers would you choose?  

There are so many great thinkers, but we used two criteria: have they inspired folks today? And would their silhouette make for a great whimsy? 

SPOILER ALERT!   Here's a legend of all the Connaissance whimsies:

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  • Maya on

    Ah, yes, you are right, the accepted romanization is “Confucius” – thanks for catching that.

    The term “Confucious,” as we wrote it, should instead be used to refer to that part of the conscious that sends us wisdom, as in, "I was ready to scream at the United flight attendant, but I could feel my Confucious quietly cautioning, “When anger rises, think of the consequences.”

  • Nurse Rooke on

    Lovely puzzle! And I love the thought you all put into it. But please note: not




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