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Joe Vaux Original Available "Take To The Skies"

Warning!  Macabre monsters below! 

Wanted to share this great 2019 painting by Joe Vaux - we just found out the original is available (

$4500, 24" x 18", email if you got an empty bit of wall that needs some spicing up. 

We'll be surveying this one to see if people think it would make a fun puzzle, but feel free to leave a comment if you're interested:

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  • Brooke on

    I love his work, please make into a puzzle

  • Brie on

    I really like his work – so would be really interested in this as a puzzle. I already have one other puzzle of his. Would be great with as an ecrue with bone & scull connectors. I would also like if the message in a bottle became available- I’ve been hoping it would as I’d like to purchase-

  • Rhonda on

    I would love to have this as a puzzle!

  • Mel P on

    His works are just so crazy and unique. Love them!

  • Barbara Keyes on

    I would love a puzzle in this!

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