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Coming Eventually: Entrancing Iris Scott Puzzles

Iris Scott is a professional American finger painter who does fantastic work depicting animals and nature in her art. Do take a look at her website for a visual feast as well as fascinating biographical information.

We're excited to announce that we'll be coming out with a few puzzles featuring Iris Scott art later this summer:

The Discussion will be an Ecru puzzle in an 11.25" square:

Tiger Fire will be an Artifact puzzle and will be a bit bigger


Also later this year we'll  be coming out with a huge (1000+ pieces) nonatych puzzle of her Nueve painting of 9 panels of a koi pond, here's what just 1 of the 9 panels looks like. We haven't decided if we're doing this one as an Ecru or Artifact puzzle yet... probably Ecru... 



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  • Anne Marie on

    These puzzles look amazing. I plan on getting all three. And I am really really looking forward to her Nueve nonatrych. I do so love the larger puzzles, and am glad to see another large Artifact Puzzle. (That being said the fiendishly difficult smaller puzzles, such as Crystal Grove, and Old Friend were equally fun to do and offered challenges that more than compensated for their smaller size, in fact I have trouble imagining them larger.)

  • Barbara Hauser on

    Hoping that the “wildly popular” Galapalloga Bay will be back. We missed that one, and hope to get it.

  • Dana on

    Oh My! The Discussion and Tiger Fire are in my wish list. My anticipation for the nonatych of her Nueve has begun. I’m so excited!

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