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In-stock Update

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  • Kate Cross on

    Did I miss New puzzle Kathryn Freeman The Sunday Paper by a couple days?

  • Sue Szelc on

    This is a very fine selection of puzzles that have come into stock or will be arriving soon. I am holding out for Chop Suey (says available summer 2020)… I realize that probably has changed as a result of the pandemic situation. I love the artwork on Chop Suey…reminds me of me and my sister, back in the days when life was “normal” getting together in a coffee shop for a cup of java and good conversation. I am curious as to how the pieces will be cut (sorry, I am not much for the connectorless style). Might just have to order 2, one for me and one for her, when available. In the meantime, there are plenty of other choices to select from!!!

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