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How to Count Puzzle Pieces Like a Pro

Ever try to count the pieces in a puzzle one-by-one and then lose your place? Or try to do it twice and somehow it comes out different the second time?

Most of you hopefully don't feel the need to count pieces very often, but if you do, here's the method we've developed that is fast and least error-prone. 

However, this method really only works for wooden jigsaw puzzles, as it relies on them being thick.  

The Piles of Five Counting Method:

  • Stack pieces in piles 5 high
  • Align the stacks in a regular grid, for example 6 rows by 8 columns
  • Example: you make 6 rows by 8 columns of piles of 5 and have 3 left over. So you have 5 x 6 x 8 + 3 = 240 + 3 = 243 pieces
  • Height-check: you can bend down and visually verify each stack is the right height (that is, that there are really 5 pieces in each pile.
  • Grid-check: you can look sidewise down the columns or rows to make sure you really have clean columns/rows. 


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